Chrissie Muhorakeye

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Markdown cheat sheet

Markdown is a markup language that is used to add formatting elements to plain text. It is easy to learn and use. In my opinion, markdown is a must, not only if you want to start posting here on Dev but also for writing readme. I'm sure by now you've noticed that readme files have the .md extension, that is the markdown file extension and while you can write a readme in plaintext, to make our readme more appealing and comprehensive you should definitely use markdown.

Here's a list of basic Markdown syntax to get you started:


# Heading 1 ## Heading 2 ### Heading 3 #### Heading 4

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Bold and Italic

**Bold** *Italic* or __Bold__ _Italic_

Bold Italic

Bold Italic




> Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum


![alt text](image.jpg)

alt text


1. One 2. Two 3. Three - List - List - List
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  • List
  • List
  • List


`Inline` code {```} console.log(a) {```}

Inline code

console.log(a) // Without the curly braces

Horizontal rule

Lorem Ispum ---

Lorem Ispum

Remember to put a blank line before and after the dashes, without those, the text will appear as a heading.

A lot of markdown applications accept the use of HTML tags so if you are more comfortable using HTML tags over markdown syntax you can use them provided that they are supported by the application.