Chrissie Muhorakeye

How to use interactive rebase in git

5 min read

I started my first professional job as a front-end developer a few months ago. It was both scary and thrilling. During that time, I learnt a lot of things and encountered a lot of problems, but one

What is semantic HTML and why should you use it?

5 min read

As a web developer chances are you must have heard of the term semantic HTML at least once. Semantic HTML is an important principle in web development and in this article, you'll learn what's

Beginners guide to css flexbox - part two

2 min read

In the first part, I wrote about flexbox properties that affected the flex container. In this second part, I'll be giving you flexbox properties that affect the flex items along with how they work.

Beginners guide to css flexbox - part one

5 min read

CSS flexible layout module or flexbox for short is a web layout model that helps in designing a flexible layout. It allows items inside a container to be aligned automatically according to the screen

How to deploy your website to github

1 min read

Github pages allow us to easily deploy websites as long as they don't have any backend. In this article, I'm going to show you how I deploy websites using Github pages. Create a repo You can't deploy

Markdown cheat sheet

1 min read

Markdown is a markup language that is used to add formatting elements to plain text. It is easy to learn and use. In my opinion, markdown is a must, not only if you want to start posting here on Dev