Chrissie Muhorakeye

👋 Hi there! I’m Chrissie. I’m a Frontend Developer and UI Designer based in Kigali. I am currently at the Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA) in Software Engineering.

By day, you can find me writing for my blog, coming up with new designs on Figma, or programming with either ReactJS or VueJS.

By night, I’m typically spending time with my family, watching YouTube videos or reading books. You can reach out on Twitter @chrissiemhrk or via email:

Recent Articles

How to build a responsive website

3 min read

Making your website responsive is a must nowadays, nearly 53% of people all around the world use their phone to access the internet and that number is growing each day. You want your website to be

How to write a good commit message

1 min read

A commit message is a short description of the changes you've made to a file added before committing the changes. Good commit messages are important not only for others who you may be collaborating

Git cheat sheet

1 min read

I made this cheat sheet for git terminologies and most common commands when I was learning git. Repository is a directory where your project/files are stored which are used to interact with Git.